Monte Stella Sparkling Vermentino 2021

Our non-alc Vermentino is crisp and lively, with apple, citrus and peach notes. It’s an excellent accompaniment to seafood, summery pasta, or grilled or barbecued vegetables.
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The benefits

  • Naturally ultra-low alc
  • Sophisticated & complex flavours
  • Naturally low-sugar
  • Local & organic ingredients
Monte Stella - Front label
Monte Stella - Back label and nutritional information

From the shimmering tanks at Monceau in Melbourne, comes our latest creation: Monte Stella, a modern non-alc alternative to sparkling wine. Monte Stella is the continuation of our mission at Monceau: to make innovative, sophisticated, non-alc ferments for those who love a natural, healthy, and social drop.

We sourced grapes from Box Grove Vineyard in northern Victoria, and blended them with organic tea for added tannins, before fermenting the juice with ultra-low-alcohol yeast cultures to create a hybrid-ferment that has all the character of a varietal wine, but less than 0.5% alcohol.

This isn’t like the strangely sweet de-alcoholised 0% wines you might have tried before. And we don’t use any weird additives, sulphites or “natural” flavours. Instead, we’ve been exploring the use of alternative cultures alongside wine grapes to produce a compelling option for a quaffable, refreshing and crisp sparkling drink.

It all starts with the grape, which all starts with the vineyard. We have a great affinity for how Sarah Gough runs her vineyard in Tabilk. They grow their grapes with a creative, sustainable and natural approach. As part of a diverse growing scheme, they’ve been exploring grapes from the warmer Mediterranean region, given its likeness to our own warm climate. And we were drawn to their vibrant Vermentino and Negroamaro grapes for our first two releases.

From here, it’s a careful process of crushing and preparing the grapes, alongside the fermentation process of our culture, which uses an organic tea as a base. Once the grapes and culture have had some time to intermingle and transform, we condition the mix with verjus (early season grapes), imparting an added dash of texture, acidity and brightness.

We’re excited to share our adventures in the world of non-alc wine alternatives with you—there’s plenty more to come.

PS. The beautiful artwork on the label is by Emi Ueoka.

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