Cerise Sparkling Non-Alc (750ml)

Spicy, earthy and vivid. Brewed with cherries from the Hilltops region in NSW, our Cerise is a full-bodied non-alc option to quaff with friends, foes and paramours. An ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine, designed for your best stemware and to pair beautifully with food.
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The benefits

  • Naturally ultra-low alc
  • Sophisticated & complex flavours
  • Naturally low-sugar
  • Local & organic ingredients

ultra low alc

made with a special culture (based on kombucha) that naturally produces all the good stuff of fermentation without the alcohol

low in sugar

we unlock amazing tastes by using the freshest fruit and organic tea — not by adding a heap of sugar, chemicals or extracts

sophisticated and complex

we craft monceau in an ancestral method borrowed from sparkling wine. it's slow, methodical, reflective and precise — an adventure into the depths of fine flavour that we're proud to share with you.

… just ask some of Australia’s best restaurants, where Monceau is on pour:

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