Monceau Sparkling Non-Alc (750ml)

An ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine, designed for your best stemware and to pair beautifully with food.
on all orders above $75!

The benefits

  • Naturally ultra-low alc
  • Sophisticated & complex flavours
  • Naturally low-sugar
  • Local & organic ingredients

ultra low alc

made with a special culture (based on kombucha) that naturally produces all the good stuff of fermentation without the alcohol

low in sugar

we unlock amazing tastes by using the freshest fruit and organic tea — not by adding a heap of sugar, chemicals or extracts

sophisticated and complex

we craft monceau in an ancestral method borrowed from sparkling wine. it's slow, methodical, reflective and precise — an adventure into the depths of fine flavour that we're proud to share with you.

… just ask some of Australia’s best restaurants, where Monceau is on pour:

four styles
(and counting)

blood orange

from the SA Riverland: floral, aromatic notes and a spritzy, hazy balance of sour and sweet

fuji apple

from West Gippsland: milder tannin & acidity levels, with a healthy juiciness that drives fermentation

packham pear

from West Gippsland: crisp and dry, with a delicate and refined palate reminiscent of a sparkling white


from sunny QLD: puckish, bright, and surprisingly dry, with hints of vanilla and woody spices

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Alison Y.


Not too sweet, very palatable

Jackie C.
Australia Australia


I love every single one of these flavours - this is truly some elite kombucha! Looking forward to my next purchase already.

Erika R.
Australia Australia


This is such a great wine alternative given how it has some complexity and because it is so dry. They are all good but especially love the pear and blood orange!

Fiona Z.
Australia Australia

Tame tipple

Refreshing, mild compressed spritz and balanced flavour. Love drinking these with ice, so refreshing and non alcoholic Blood orange my fave

Michael J.
Australia Australia

Should've ordered a case of 12

First order, thought i would go for 6 bottles. Should've gone for 12. lasted less than a week! I had thought that being Kombucha, my wife would not be a fan. Seems i was wrong. Busted the wife sneaking my last bottle and taking it to a party.

frequently asked questions

Is Monceau gluten free?

Monceau is completely gluten free! To all our coeliac, gluten-intolerant and gluten-sensitive friends: we see you, and are here for you. (And your sensitive guts.)

How is Monceau like a non-alcoholic wine?

We make Monceau by utilising an ancestral method borrowed from pétillant naturel winemaking. Monceau undergoes two different fermentations. The first, similar to that of kombucha, results in the super low levels of alcohol. The second fermentation, in-bottle, boosts that alcohol content slightly and creates natural carbonation in the same way as your classic pét nat.

We’re slightly different to a non-alcoholic wine in that we don’t remove any of the alcohol that is created throughout the brewing process, instead our methods result in products that are naturally low in alcohol.

Is Monceau organic?

Monceau is made with organic ingredients, such as the tea used in our natural fermentation process. Check out our blog post for more info on all things organic.

What does Monceau taste like?

Monceau be sour, sweet, fruity or floral. When it comes to Monceau, the flavour profile is a lot more subtle than your regular kombucha, but it all boils down to what flavour we’re talking about! Our Blood Orange has floral, aromatic notes and a spritzy balance of sour and sweet. The apples we use have milder tannin and acidity levels, making Fuji Apple the sweetest of the bunch. Pear Monceau is the most reminiscent of a sparkling white wine; it’s delicate, crisp and dry.

Is Monceau sugar-free?

Monceau is not completely sugar-free, although it is naturally very low in sugar. During our natural fermentation process, the kombucha culture consumes most of the sugar from the sugar-rich fruit juices we add. Also, and very importantly, we don’t add any extra sugar or artificial sweeteners to Monceau. The subtle sweetness of Monceau is au naturel.

Is Monceau keto?

As mentioned in the previous question, the fermentation process removes most of the sugar and carbs that occur naturally in the fruit juices we use. Many people choose a certain level of sugar and carbs when following a ketosis diet.The fact that we don’t use any artificial sweeteners or added sugars means that Monceau might be under the sugar and carb limit set for your own particular diet. Be sure to check the nutrition info carefully to ensure that you can make an informed decision for yourself.

Does Monceau have caffeine in it?

Given that Monceau has fermented black tea as a base, there is still some residual caffeine leftover from the black tea we use. Whilst most of the caffeine is broken down during fermentation, there are still very low levels of the tea’s original levels of caffeine left.

What are the health benefits of Monceau?

There are a few things people point to when they are talking about the health benefits of kombucha-based beverages, some with more scientific backing than others. The effects of antioxidants and acetic acids are particularly notable when it comes to raw beverages like Monceau. We’ve gone into more detail over on our blog post about raw kombucha cultures, so head there for some more info!

Is it safe to drink Monceau during pregnancy?

Monceau’s a fermented beverage with live cultures that aren’t subject to any heat treatment, along with an ultra-low amount of residual alcohol from the natural brewing process. It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about any health-related practices while you’re pregnant, such as choosing whether to drink live fermented drinks like Monceau. We’ve heard from people who love it as an alternative to drinks like wine while pregnant, and others who like to steer clear of fermented drinks during that time.

Is Monceau safe for recovering alcoholics?

We’d recommend you consult with your sponsor and doctor about ultra-low-alcoholic drinks. Some recovering alcoholics find drinks like Monceau useful and beneficial, while others choose to avoid drinks with even trace amounts of alcohol in them because of their approach to recovery. We clearly mark Monceau with 1.1% ABV so that anyone who has a particular practice or concern with alcohol can make an informed decision.

How is Monceau shipped? How long will it take to arrive?

For orders purchased online, we ship Monceau through Australia Post and we work hard at our brewery to send out orders almost every day! From the moment it’s shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number to follow your order, until it arrives at your door. Shipping time does depend on where you live: for instance, orders in Metro Melbourne will usually be the quickest. Your order will usually be with you within the week.

Does Monceau need to stay refrigerated?

While Monceau is happy enough outside (especially in winter), for longer periods it’s best stored in the fridge. Monceau is unpasteurised, and still very much alive, so a few days in a warm environment can restart the fermentation. It’s nothing to worry about: It’ll just get a touch fizzier and drier in flavour profile. Many people (some of our team members even) prefer it!

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