Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)
Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)

Pét Nat Kombucha (750ml)

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Monceau is an ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine — unlike any other kombucha you have tried. Designed to pair with food and be enjoyed in your best stemware.

Born out of a passion for low intervention, natural ferments, it elevates the flavour profile of kombucha to the level of natural wine, craft beer and cider, creating a sophisticated, complex drinking experience. With almost no alcohol (~1% ABV), Monceau Pét Nat Kombucha is the kind of drink you want to share with friends and family over dinner.

Utilising an ancestral method borrowed from pétillant naturel winemaking, Monceau undergoes two fermentations. The second fermentation, in-bottle, creates natural carbonation and ever-evolving flavour profiles.

  • Naturally low in sugar and alcohol
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Local and organic ingredients
  • FREE shipping anywhere in Australia
Enjoy three styles:

Our Blood Orange Kombucha is brewed with blood oranges from the South Australian Riverland, yielding floral, aromatic notes and a spritzy balance of sour and sweet.

Our Fuji Apple Kombucha uses Fuji apples from West Gippsland in Victoria. They have milder tannin and acidity levels, with a healthy sweetness that drives fermentation.

Our Pear Kombucha uses a blend of pears from the West Gippsland region in Victoria. It is crisp and dry, with a delicate and refined palate reminiscent of a sparkling white.

Also available in a smaller 330ml bottle »

🤔 Q. Do I need to keep Monceau in the fridge?
While Monceau is happy enough outside (especially in winter), for longer periods it’s best stored in the fridge. Monceau is unpasteurised, and still very much alive, so a few days in a warm environment can restart the fermentation. It’s nothing to worry about: It’ll just get a touch fizzier and drier in flavour profile. Many people even prefer it!
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Nicola C.
Australia Australia

Loved it. So yum. Will buy regularly!

Belinda M.
Australia Australia
Lovely lockdown alternative

Great it is so refreshing at the end of the work day and not full of sugar or booze !

Dominic K.
Australia Australia
It's really good.

This is a good drink. The carbonation is great, it's got heaps of bubbles, which in my opinion is goals. When you crunch the numbers on enjoyment vs. cost it’s pretty hard to beat, maybe water would win, but Monceau Blood Orange Kombucha is a close second.

Daphne M.
Australia Australia

The bubbles were a lot smaller than I had originally planned for, so I had to change some things around, but once we got it all sorted, the bubble size was absolutely perfect for the situation: drinking. Perfection on bubble size, density, amount of bubbles, and placement. The taste was great, too. I even tried leaving it out of the fridge to see if it would change the bubble situation, and guess what? IT DID. More bubbles, manybe even smaller so once again we had to go back to shift some things around, rearrange, reconsider, and then perfection. Perfection.

Emma D.
Australia Australia
My new guilt free addiction

Having decided to give alcohol a miss for a while, I purchased a case of Monceau in the hope I’d be able to go to dinner parties and feel like I was still drinking something fun for the evening… well we’re not able to go to dinner parties right now, but Monceau has become my favourite lockdown treat, particularly given it’s low in calories given I’m not exercising as much! Highly recommended, delicious!