Sparkling Non-Alc

Parc Pils

Non-Alc Beer
we make
non-alc drinks
for those
who love
a natural, healthy,
and social drop
from our boutique brewery
in Melbourne, Australia to you

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We make modern non-alcoholic beverages.

Our drinks are for those who love the flavours and traditions of the drinking world, but want to take care of themselves by imbibing less booze.

Our brewing techniques may be innovative, but we use simple, all-natural ingredients. We're not doing science experiments—we're making beautiful things to drink.

Whether you're curiously sober or more alcohol free, we think we have the drink for you.

Here's our secret recipe:

Be natural

No strange chemicals. As short an ingredients list as possible.

Be healthy

All our drinks use the magic of fermentation to be naturally low in sugar.

Be delicious

We learn from the great traditions, then figure out how to do them without booze.

Be social

We make drinks that won't be embarassing at a dinner party.

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We are a brewer in Melbourne, Australia, offering a wide range of organic and natural non-alcoholic beverages.

Our drinks are available to buy online, as well as in bottle shops, fine restaurants, cafes, and health food stores. Alongside the health benefits of drinking low and non-alcoholic drinks, Monceau beverages have the flavour profile of small batch crafted options—there's no reason to compromise.