Tired of sugary soft drinks from the office vending machine? Sick of standing around that sad little water cooler? Did Jenny from accounts steal your favourite mug?

Monceau can solve all of these office problems and more!

Monceau is now offering petillant naturel kombucha and non-alcoholic beer (Parc Pilsner) keg services for corporates, offices, venues, sports clubs and events.

Lift the spirits of your team with delicious refreshing Monceau on tap. We can deliver to your office with a set-and-forget subscription service. We can even manage the installation of taps and provide monthly line cleaning services.

Some amazing Monceau facts:

  • It's super low in sugar.
  • All-natural ingredients: no sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Uses locally-sourced fruit (blood oranges, fuji apples, davidson plums...).
  • Stocked and many of Australia's best venues (Cumulus Inc., Blackhearts and Sparrows, Attica Summer Camp).
  • Cost-effective pricing.
  • No contracts.
  • We deliver all over Melbourne with our own dedicated friendly refrigerated freight.

Get started

Call Alan on +61 493 039 514 Email sales@monceau.com.au
from our craft brewery in Brunswick, we make pioneering, natural non-alc beverages: