Monceau Co offers brewing, packaging, and private label manufacturing services in Melbourne for a wide range of beverages.

We can cater for non-alcoholic beverages, still wines, sparkling wines, kombucha, kefir, nutritional drinks, energy drinks, cocktails, soft drinks, fruit juices, iced tea, sparkling water, and more…

The smart way to start

We understand the needs of companies that are new to the Australian beverage market. Co-packing is a fantastic way to forgo the immense up-front and on-going financial costs of installing, maintaining and upgrading packaging equipment. Many companies choose instead to outsource to companies that already own and maintain this equipment, so they can use their capital and focus on increasing their sales and consumer awareness.

We're ready to brew

We have invested in our production and packaging brewery facility in Brunswick in order to best produce our own innovative non-alcoholic beverage lines. As an independent producer of a number of product lines, we have designed the facility to be highly flexible and efficient. Our unique scale offers an agility that’s unique in the contract production world—we can offer lower minimum order quantities and faster production turnarounds than many other co-packers and brewers.

As flexible as you need

Often, new companies will change their recipes and product design multiple times during the infancy of their business as they re-adjust their products with customer feedback. Small batch packaging runs are perfect for this, allowing the business to chop and change as needed until the product is perfected. Monceau caters to this need, and can work with both new and established beverage brands. In the case your business gets a large increase in sales, Monceau can rapidly fulfil your needs with quick turnaround times, ensuring you don’t start off a relationship with a stockist or distributor with delays.

Start to finish

We offer small and large batch co-packing and partner brewing on carbonated and still, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in 330mL / 750mL bottles and various formats of cans, catering from the initial brew to palleting of product. (You can cherry-pick the range of services required) We also offer kegging services, and have a large refrigerated storage area, where your packaged product can be stored before dispatch to warehousing. 

Our in-house team can advise on beverage matters across the board—from branding and labelling options, to lab and shelf-life testing, and more. We’re passionate about amazing, authentic and natural beverages and are keen to share our expertise.

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