What is Organic Kombucha?

What is Organic Kombucha?

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Monceau’s organic kombucha ferment is brewed with only pure organic teas. Utilising organic ingredients is a key part of our mission to create natural fermentations without the need for chemical interventions like sulphites, preservatives or sweeteners like erythritol and steviol glycosides (stevia).

What does organic mean?

As a starting point, organic farmers and producers avoid synthetic and chemical substances and fertilisers, as well as GMOs. The term organic also extends to the system of growing, handling and producing food and beverages. Everything from the soil that tea is grown in, to the water systems, air quality and the wider environment can impact organic certifications.

Without utilising chemicals and synthetic fertilisers, producers need to both return to older sustainable practices as well as modern innovative practices, utilising organic fertilisers, increasing biodiversity of soil and the environment, and utilising non-invasive natural methods to protect and nurture produce.

Why we use Organic Tea

Monceau sources organic tea from the pristine, premium tea-growing region of Assam in northeastern India. The vast majority of the Assam tea region has never used chemical or inorganic fertilizers—so Assam has an ancient history of sustainable farming and rich biodiversity. Importantly, the region provides a natural tea growing climate and environment. 

Camellia sinensis, the evergreen species—its leaves are used to produce tea

In Monceau’s secondary fermentation, we add pure fruit juice to our organic tea base, with locally grown fruit from the West Gippsland and South Australian Riverland regions. 

In this stage, the kombucha flavour develops further in conjunction with the fruit juices, and becomes naturally sparkling.

The best way to nurture a rich kombucha culture of yeast and beneficial bacteria, is with the addition of natural and organic ingredients. Monceau supports a return to sustainable farming and organic and low-intervention practices.

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